Al Rabie

Al Rabie

Middle Eastern and African

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392 Coventry Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 0UF

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If you're looking for somewhere to enjoy traditional Middle Eastern cuisine, then Al Rabie in Small Heath is for you. It offers a welcoming and informal dining opportunity for all who come through the doors.

The menu is full of a variety of dishes, including plenty of vegetarian delights. There are several diverse options for starters, including ful medames - a mixture of boiled beans and chickpeas infused with garlic and lemon juice - or, for those who prefer a meat-based dish, try the shawarma, which is sliced grilled chicken served with a tasty hummus made using the classic recipe of chickpea purée, sesame paste and lemon juice. The main courses do not fail to deliver either, thanks to their rich aromas and strong Arabic fl avours. For something very authentic, try the chicken tagine, which is served in the traditional
terracotta pot and proudly unveiled by the waiter at your table. Another recommended option is the lamb shank, which is cooked until incredibly tender and infused with strong herbs and spices.

With plenty of genuine Lebanese and Yemeni cooking options to taste, it could be a great introduction to sampling some exciting new cuisines.
*Price range represents the cost of a two-course meal (no alcohol permitted on site)
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