Buenos Aires - Reigate

Buenos Aires - Reigate

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A friendly greeting from our bartender for the evening, Glen, set things off on the right foot. The fridges were stocked with Quilmes beer, brewed only in Argentina and imported from the town of the same name, but in the end the suggested Gin Mare and tonic with chunks of ice and a wedge of lime won out. This Spanish-produced gin combines a unique blend of olives, thyme, rosemary and basil, and started proceedings with refreshing Latin spirit.

Manager Dario talked us through the menu. Happy for him to take the lead, we went for the recommended Luigi Bosca Malbec, a red wine from Mendoza with full-bodied gusto. To further whet our appetites, bread and chimichurri, an Argentine essential, were proffered. Having grown up in Argentina, Dario was something of an expert on the history of the country and its cuisine, offering plenty of insight into the culture and adding to the authenticity of our experience.

As the starters began to arrive it was obvious we were in for a real treat. A delicious range of beef empanadas - ground Argentine beef wrapped lightly in pastry - were a joy to sink our teeth into. Served alongside was the provoleta - a slow-cooked cheese patty that went down a treat. Chorizo criollo, or beef sausage to you and me, and beef cheeks were a tasty favourite. With little persuasion we began to tackle the sampler, a four-cut dish consisting of 6oz fillet, sirloin, rib-eye and rump. Presented with Portobello garlic mushrooms and light but creamy spinach, every cut was grilled perfectly and served medium rare. The fillet was unmistakably tender and the flavour of the sirloin was unsurpassed. The marbling of the rib-eye was so inviting, and the rump was wonderfully succulent. Every element of the dish proved that this chef is clearly a master of his art. We soldiered on to dessert. Pancakes with dulce de leche provided a perfect end to a gloriously indulgent evening.

The warm ambience, passion for their product and sheer quality puts Buenos Aires at the top of its class. All in all, it was a feast without compromise
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