46 & Mercy

46 & Mercy

Cocktail Bar and Lounge

0.5 miles
46-48 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT

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As you take the stairs down to 46 & Mercy you can hear the buzz of the place before you reach the underground bar. When we arrived, tables were full of cheery guests enjoying colourful, creative cocktails and plates of exquisite-looking food, which set the tone for the exciting night that lay ahead.

The team at the arty urban bar has created a cocktail list featuring variations on your favourites and exciting, innovative creations you won’t have come across before but will be more than acquainted with by the time you leave. We kicked things off with Mercy and Evening Comfort cocktails. The mixologist took great care making each one and his hard work payed off, as they were both artistic and brimming with unique flavour combinations.

To accompany the delicious cocktails, we ordered some snacks from the barbecue experts above at HotBox. The mutton barbecoa tacos with feta and jalapeño vinaigrette made for an excellent dish. My companion’s spicy vegetarian mushroom tacos with crispy shallots were equally delicious. We filled our tables – and bellies – some more with the crab sliders and glazed smoked pork belly with Thai herb salad. These exceeded my expectations, and a few more exquisite cocktails completed a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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