Feng Shang Princess

Feng Shang Princess

Chinese and East Asian

0.5 miles
Cumberland Basin, Prince Albert Road, Regent’s Park, North-London, NW1 7SS

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Blessed with the balanced splendour of ancient Chinese architecture - with a low, wide, wood-panelled structure decorated in ruby red and hanging fairy lights, topped with a tiled roof - the Feng Shang Princess effortlessly delivers the exquisite cuisine and service for which Chinese culture is so well loved.

One of the first of its kind in London, the restaurant floats on the calm waters of Cumberland Basin among the lush foliage of Regent's Park. Not only has the restaurant earned a sparkling reputation among many discerning foodies, but also among film, television and music stars. Every evening, the restaurant comes to life with the buzz of enthusiastic diners, the piquant scents of East Asia and the friendly interaction of staff and guests.

You can order from either the comprehensive main menu or a set menu. My partner and I were instantly seduced by one of the set menus and, shortly after ordering, our mixed hors d'oeuvres arrived - a platter layered with deep-fried tiger prawns, spring rolls, squid, barbecue spare ribs and crispy seaweed. Our assortment of rich, sumptuous, flavoursome mains (including stir-fried tiger prawns, stir-fried sea bass and diced rib-eye in a black pepper and red wine sauce) was a feast that showcased exactly how Chinese cuisine should be done.
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