Instagram may soon become only the world’s second favourite app to share photos of picturesque plates of food too good to keep to yourself with the launch of Nigella Lawson’s fantastic new foodie photo app, FOODIM.

For the modern diner, taking photos of plates of food you deem worthy enough and sharing them across the globe cluttered with hashtags designed to bring in the most likes is part of the eating out experience – after all, if a restaurant isn’t serving you up dishes that will make your mates jealous, what’s the point!?

Now, national treasure Nigella Lawson aims to revolutionise this trend with an app specifically designed to help users who aren’t professional food photographers take stunning photos that wouldn’t even look out of place in one of our regional eating out guides (pick up a FREE copy of one of our eating out guides or follow us on Instagram to see our incredible food photography for yourself).

Nigella Lawson had this to say about FOODIM on her website:

I’ve been working for some time with my longtime cameraman to develop a food photography app with a built-in filter designed to optimise food and a back-of-shot blur dependent on the angle of the phone (as well as a draw-to-blur feature) to give depth of field. And I’m very excited to say that FOODIM is now available (just on iOS for now – but hopefully on Android soon) in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. And it’s free! So you have nothing to lose by giving it a whirl, and you can download it here.

Exciting new features of this app include the ability to caption photos of your food and add your own recipes, notes, or location. The app also features an auto-applied filter that helps you point, shoot and share food in an instant, advanced editing tools that add depth of field with draw-to-blur, contrast, colour temperature and more, and the ability to save photos as drafts so you can edit and post them after you’ve eaten.

Designed to be not just a photo app but a social network made just for foodies allowing you to see what everyone’s cooking across the globe, get inspired, and connect with other like-minded food lovers, if you’re in the UK, Australia or New Zealand, download this app now and let us know if Instagram stockholders should be worried.

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