A foodie-favourite holiday that celebrates both the Resurrection, and in more recent years, lots and lots and lots of chocolate, Easter is only a few weeks away now and it has got us thinking – what chocolate bars would we like to see rise from the dead and make a triumphant comeback if we had the choice?

Not that there’s a shortage of selections on the supermarket shelves as it stands, but the following list of bars and treats from bygone eras will leave your tastebuds nostalgic and will have you grieving for snacks you’d likely forgoten even existed in the first place.

Cadbury Marble

Anyone remember this marvellous creation? A mix of milk and white chocolate with an indulgent praline centre, this was every chocoholic’s dream… what did we do to Cadbury to make them punish us all by removing this from the shelves?

Cadbury Snow Flake

Combining everyone’s favourite Flake bar with Cadbury’s also long-gone white chocolate Dream bar, this beautiful bit of chocolate magic delighted even those that weren’t all that fond of white chocolate (myself included). Light, airy, and of course flaky, this made a nice and welcome alternative to the classic Flake and it’s a travesty that we’ll never see its ilk again.

Cadbury Snaps

When I was researching chocolates to include on this list, I felt the absence of this one in my heart the hardest. Memories of resting these thin and light Pringle-like chocolate crisps on my tongue, sucking off the milky Cadbury chocolate, before the temptation to bite down, swallow, then repeat the process all over again was too strong, these were some of my favourite chocolate treats and my life is worse today for remembering these things once existed and knowing I can’t go home and devour a whole pack of the orange-flavour ones right now.

Cadbury Time Out

Sold in pairs and consisting of a ripple of milk chocolate sandwiched between two wafers and coated in Dairy Milk chocolate, the Time Out was a staple of my childhood. First introduced in 1992 and, as of 2016, discontinued in New York City, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Poland and the United Kingdom due to poor sales (I’m sorry I couldn’t singlehandedly keep Time Outs on our shelves), apparently Time Out still exists as a single bar version called the Time Out Wafer – but it’s just not the same you guys.

Mars Delight

…and what a delight it was. With its caramel and chocolate cream filling, combined with a light, crunchy wafer, this was the perfect treat when a Mars bar was just too much but you craved that Mars fix. Sadly only on shelves for 4 years between 2004 and 2008, they were so beloved by Brits all over that in 2016, thousands of Mars Delight fans signed a petition to attempt to get this discontinued chocolate bar back on our shelves.


Even though Toffos technically weren’t chocolate bars because, well, they didn’t include any chocolate and weren’t bars, when your mum gave you 40p to spend on a chocolate bar at the sweet aisle, you probably more than once came away with a tube of these toffees instead. Available in standard toffee flavour, along with mint, and my personal favourite assorted tube that contained banana, chocolate, and strawberry, life simply hasn’t been the same since Toffos ceased to exist.

Galaxy Truffles in a box of Celebrations

Let’s be honest, Truffles and Teasers were the only reason anyone bought a box of Celebrations in the first place, yet in 2011, Mars removed Galaxy Truffles and replaced them with the miniature Twix, apparently due to “customer feedback and their preferences”. In what world were people demanding Mars to swap the Galaxy Truffle, a heavenly, creamy, chocolaty revelation you can’t buy in the shops with Twix, one of the least exciting chocolate bars out there?

This was clearly an attempt to drum up more love for Twix, but if anything, it’s just made me hate the chocolate bar even more. And while we’re on the topic of Celebrations and customer preference, my preference is for more than three Teasers per Celebration box please. 10 Bountys to every 1 Teaser is not acceptable.

Cadbury Dream

As previously stated, I’m not the biggest fan of white chocolate in general, but even I enjoyed the occasional Cadbury Dream in a box of Cadbury Heroes. Just as creamy as Cadbury’s classic Dairy Milk but in white chocolate, although nothing could ever come close to beating the joy of biting down on a Dairy Milk bar, if you fancied something a little different and couldn’t find a Milky Bar on the shelves, this chunkier alternative to the Milky Bar was pretty great… well for white chocolate anyway. The packaging was cute too and the supermarket shelves are a little less colourful without them.

Cadbury Fuse

Introduced in 1996 but discontinued just 10 years later, Cadbury Fuse was a milk chocolate bar jam-packed with peanuts, raisins, crispy cereal bits, and fudge pieces and was the perfect all-rounder. Plus the peanuts and raisins made us all feel a little less guilty for devouring an entire bar.

In October 2015, Cadbury’s Twitter campaign, #CadburyCraveyard, pitted the Fuse bar and Marble bar against each other, with the winning bar being resurrected and distributed to 100 randomly selected winners. Fuse was victorious and for the last time in the UK, 100 people got to enjoy this chocolaty, raisiny, peanuty treat. If you simply can’t live without Cadbury Fuses in your life, you could always move to India, where this bar has been available in the country since 2016.

Fox’s Echo Bars

Perhaps superior even to the Nestle’s Aero bars (though why pit them against each other – there’s room on the supermarket shelves for both), Fox’s Echo bars, which were available in milk and white chocolate and mint, were a joy to devour. With a soft, aero-like top and a crunchy biscuit bottom, and coated in a delicious layer of chocolate, if you didn’t snack on these weekly as a kid, you were truly missing out. I was lucky enough to have these included in my lunchbox when I was at school, but even I remember thinking these bars were probably just that little bit too indulgent for a lunchbox.

Did we miss your favourite discontinued chocolate bar from this list? How much are you still grieving the loss of one or all the treats we mentioned above? Know a place you can still purchase one of these bars for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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