Today is Valentine’s Day, and if that piece of information comes as a shock, chances are you have absolutely nothing planned for your significant other this year. It’s also more than likely way too late to book a table at their favourite restaurant as well.

But fear not, if you want to fool your loved one into thinking you had been planning something special for months, nothing says I love you more than a romantic home-cooked meal by candlelight.

If this describes you this year, you still have time to run to the shops and pick up all the ingredients you’ll need to make a few of the following recipes (along with a card, a bouquet of roses, and some Valentine’s themed chocolates). The 10 most popular Valentine’s Day recipes on BBC Good Food, these delicious dishes and tempting cocktails are sure to convince your partner to keep you around until at least next Valentine’s Day.

1)Steak with peppercorn sauce

A classic Valentine’s favourite and a relatively simple dish that you can rustle up in minutes, according to BBC Good Food, “steak is the overwhelming firm favourite of Good Food users” every Valentine’s Day.

Browse through BBC Good Food’s steak recipes here:

Browse through BBC Good Food’s steak sauce recipes here:

2) Dauphinoise potatoes

More romantic than a bowl of chips and much more impressive, your partner will love the effort you’ve taken to prepare this fancy sounding and looking French dish. The most popular side dish on Valentine’s Day according to BBC Good Food, France is considered by many to be the country of love, so why not say I love you by rustling up BBC Good Food’s next level Dauphinoise potatoes recipe here –

3) Spaghetti carbonara

Taking only half an hour to prepare and cook, recreate that iconic scene from Lady and the Tramp by serving up a big bowl of rich and creamy spaghetti carbonara for you and your partner to share. Find BBC Good Food’s five-star-rated classic carbonara recipe here –

4) Cupcakes

Not that you ever need an excuse to eat a cupcake, what would Valentine’s Day (or any holiday for that matter) be without indulging your sweet tooth? Finish off your fancy Valentine’s feast with these super easy to make but always crowd-pleasing delights.

Find a recipe for vanilla buttercream cupcakes here –

Find a recipe for chocolate cupcakes here –

Find a recipe for carrot and cream cupcakes here –

5) Cocktails

From raspberry martini fizz to pink grapefruit margarita, no Valentine’s Day meal would be complete without a fantastic tipple to help wash it all down with, and what better way to complement your meal and impress your partner than with a pretty cocktail that can be ready in minutes!?

Read BBC Good Food’s list of 10 quick and easy Valentine’s Day cocktails here –

6) Beef Wellington

If steak is a little too simple for you this Valentine’s Day and you’re really looking to impress your partner, why not turn that steak into a show-stopping beef Wellington instead? A dish that requires considerably more time in the kitchen than the simple steak, you may have to take a half day to get this dish ready on time.

Find the recipe for Gordon Ramsey’s version of this classic steak dish here –

7) Vegetarian Valentine’s Day feasts

From courgette carpaccio to hazelnut and oregano pasta, if you and your partner are veggie, there’s no reason your Valentine’s Day meal has to be any less spectacular.

Head to the following link to check out BBC Good Food’s list of easy vegetarian Valentine’s Day recipes, including a recipe for an indulgent peanut butter parfait with salted caramel crunch:

8) Strawberry cheesecake

Valentine’s Day is perhaps the cheesiest holiday of all, so it makes sense to celebrate February 14th with a cheesecake. One of the nation’s favourite desserts,  it’s no surprise this creamy and attractive looking cake topped with bright red strawberries makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert for couples across the UK. That said, as most cheesecake recipes require you to prepare it the night before to give it plenty of time to set, this tempting dish may be out of reach this year. Then again, there’s no reason you can’t pretend you prepared this dish and buy a readymade one from your local bakery.

If you’re pushing your Valentine’s Day celebrations into the weekend though, you still have time to prepare BBC Good Food’s no-bake cheesecake topped with strawberry puree –

9) Sea bass

From steamed sea bass with black bean sauce to Italian-style sea bass, sea bass is increasingly becoming a popular dish for couples on Valentine’s Day who are perhaps a little bored with the usual steak dishes associated with the holiday.

Read BBC Good Food’s recipe for Italian style sea bass here –

Read BBC Good Food’s recipe for sea bass en paillote with Thai flavours here –

Read BBC Good Food’s recipe for steamed sea bass with black bean sauce here –

Read BBC Good Food’s recipe for baked sea bass with lemon caper dressing here –

10) Valentine’s Day biscuits

Finish your Valentine’s Day meal this year with some fun and memorable Valentine’s Day biscuits. From love bug biscuits and lemon kisses to cookies with sweet Valentine’s messages iced onto them, BBC Good Food has a number of cute and easy-to-make recipes that your partner will simply eat up. After all, nothing’s sweeter than presenting your loved one with a plate of biscuits that are decorated to look like ladybirds or literally say I love you.

Read BBC Good Food’s list of Valentine’s biscuit recipes here –

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