Here at Fed Up & Drunk, as our name would suggest, we love a beer as much as the next Bavarian and will happily embrace any excuse to get merry on the stuff. After an unseasonably warm summer spent at food and drink festivals across the country, soaking up the sun as our blood soaked up the booze, we simply can’t wait three months until Christmas and New Year rolls around and its acceptable (even expected) to binge on the good stuff again. So thank the Germans for Oktoberfest.

The world’s biggest beer festival held in Munich from mid-September to the first weekend in October, this 16-day, almost-month-long Volksfest attracts around six million people each year and is an important part of Bavarian culture having been celebrated in the state since 1810.

An event this big that draws this many people from across the world was sure to find its way across Europe eventually and we’re not complaining. After all, what’s October without a little bit of fancy dress??? – and for those of us that think we’re a little too old to dress up as zombies and go trick-or-treating for sweets, we now have another excuse to stagger around with half-functioning brains searching for tasty treats that are bound to make us ill in the morning.

So grab last year’s liquor-soaked lederhosen out of the wardrobe, convince your mates to move Stoptober to November, and head down to one (or more) of the many amazing Oktoberfest events happening all across the country this October.


Oktoberfest Bath –

From October 26th to 27th, head to Bath Racecourse for what promises to be the city’s biggest and best Oktoberfest celebration yet. Featuring everything you’d expect from a proper Oktoberfest celebration, grab all your mates and come enjoy live oompah bands, buckets of beer, and unbelievably tasty Bratwurst at one of the country’s most beautiful cities.


Oktoberfest (Chichester, Salisbury, Chester)-

Taking place in Chichester on October 13th, Salisbury on October 20th, and Chester on October 27th, these fantastic Oktoberfest events are destined to be day-long beer celebrations you’ll never forget. With a range of brilliant beers, oompah bands, pretzels and Bratwurst, and a whole host of games and competitions that are sure to make for some hilarious, drunken stories you’ll be laughing about for years to come, head to one of these Bavarian-style beer halls across the country and celebrate October the way it was meant to be celebrated.


London Oktoberfest –

Held at Millwall Park, Canary Wharf from October 11th to 14th, few Oktoberfests (outside of Bavaria anyway) can match the fun and energy of this celebration. Taking place inside a giant tent in the middle of London, dance on long tables to foot-stoppingly great and authentic oompah music (from bands that have travelled all the way from Germany for this event), with a beer in one hand and a Bratwurst in the other.

There’s even a special Sunday lunch offer so you can bring the entire family down to experience Bavarian culture for a day for free. There’s also a Halloween Oktoberfest on Saturday 27th October if you want to celebrate both of these iconic October events but don’t think you’re able to recover from a severe hangover two weekends in a row.


Oktoberfest Southampton –

Head to Hampshire from October 26th to 27th if you want the full Oktoberfest experience. With traditional Bavarian drinks, fantastic food, and live bands aplenty, you don’t want to miss out on what is set to be Southampton’s best Bavarian-themed beer booze-up. Bringing the world’s best beers to Southampton, along with a fine selection of wines, spirits and Prosecco available at the bar and plenty of German sausages, schnitzel, and pretzels to stuff your faces with, there’s simply no better way to spend an October weekend.


Oktoberfest Brighton –

This October 12th – 13th, head to The Level in Brighton for an Oktoberfest beer celebration that’s sure to banish all your autumn blues.  After the massive success of their 2017 event, Oktoberfest Brighton returns to The Level, bringing with it the best live music, booziest beverages, and unbeatable German food to binge on all night, right in the middle of Brighton.


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