Situated right in the beating heart of the bustling city of Bristol, Zerodegrees stands out even amongst the unique character of its surroundings. Set in a lovingly restored old tram shed, this imposing building somehow manages to at once blend in and stand out – it has even won the Architectural Design Award for its beauty. But this isn’t the reason Bristolians hurry to this popular microbrewery and award-winning pizza restaurant in their hundreds every day – the fresh beer brewed on site and in plain sight – not to mention the fantastic food –  is what makes this venue so special.

Starting with a small team of brewers now close to two decades ago, the team at Zerodegrees were, and still remain, hugely passionate about delivering the finest fresh beer to a nation of beer lovers. Their philosophy is simple – by not filtering, pasteurising or using additives in their beers, they can ensure the beers are both fresh and flavoursome whilst remaining healthy and nutritious.

All the beers served across Zerodegrees’ four venues (Bristol, Reading, Blackheath, and Cardiff) go straight from maturation tanks to the tap. With no need to keg or transport the beer, the beer is served up to you fresh from the tap. Not only does this ensure the beer here is amongst the best you’ll have ever tasted, but being able to see and smell this process right before your eyes only heighten the sensory experiences you’ll discover within this microbrewery and restaurant’s doors.

Their core craft beers, brewed every day, are bold, clean, crisp and bursting with flavours. Try The Bohemian – Czech Pilsner, a spin on a classic pilsner that’s crisp, dry, slightly bitter, and incredibly easy to drink, or the Hazy Days – Belgian Wit Bier, with aromas of clove, orange, and citrus, paired perfectly with fish dishes such as their salmon and mascarpone pizza with smoked salmon, mascarpone cheese, smoked cheese, fresh tomatoes, rocket, dill, and garlic cream sauce. But our favourite has to be their Mango Beer, a clean, golden ale with sweet mango pulp perfectly paired with their crispy fried calamari appetiser served with sweet chilli sauce.

This July, Zerodegrees also welcomes the introduction of a range of limited edition speciality beers. Try the Bouquet – Blonde Ale, a light, dry, and floral beer made with lavender and elderflower perfectly paired with light dishes such as salad; the clean, fresh and crisp Bristol Lite – USA Lager, similar to a Coors Light but so much tastier; or the Time Warp – Session IPA with aromas of lemon, grapefruit, tangerine and a hint of pineapple. Be quick though, as these speciality beers sell out fast.


For more information regarding Bristol’s Zerodegrees or their other 3 venues, visit their website now or follow their social media pages to keep up to date with all the latest news.

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