If you’re searching for an authentic and indulgent Italian dining experience in the UK, you can’t find much better than Angelo’s Ristorante in Sunderland. Recently voted the 5th best Italian restaurant in England and the best Italian restaurant with over 50 seats in the North East at the English Italian Awards in 2016, this special restaurant more than deserves your attention.

With a kitchen run by head chef, Nello, who himself was voted the best Italian chef in England, if you consider yourself a connoisseur of Italian cuisine, Angelo’s freshly prepared dishes using only the highest quality Italian ingredients will certainly not disappoint. Specialising in serving up a sensational selection of classic Italian pastas, sauces, soups and desserts that are all to die for, you’ll instantly be won over by the menu’s winning tastes and charmed by this restaurant’s warm, friendly atmosphere and sleek, understated interior.

Set within the ancient walls of a beautifully restored Regency-style Grade II listed building in Sunniside, the kitchen at Angelo’s Ristorante is full of life, with a team of talented and passionate all-Italian chefs rolling fresh pasta, producing some of the best homemade sausages you’ll ever have tasted, and stirring pots of fragrant and traditional sugo al pomodoro. The simply stunning smells that are sent out from the kitchen will transport you straight to Camparia and the Amalfi Coast. This restaurant, and the Italians that work there, really have brought a slice of Italy to this old-town, coastal area of the British Isles.

Enjoy an elegant Italian dining experience as you sip the finest Italian wines chosen for you by the experts working within the walls of this beautiful building. As soon as you taste the light-as-air, melt-in-the-mouth pasta you’ll understand why this Italian restaurant has been recognised with such prestigious awards within the competitive Italian restaurant scene.

On our visit to this charming restaurant, we were impressed with the vast menu offering a fantastic selection of the finest Italian foods you’ll find this side of Europe, but if this is your first visit, we recommend the strozzapretti con salsiccia e friarielli. This award-winning dish comprises hand-twisted pasta with homemade secret-recipe sausage, friarielli and cheese, topped with sundried tomatoes and bread. The ravioli, whether that’s the crab and prawn or beef fillet and mascarpone cheese, is also a triumph. This all said, however, no matter what you choose from the menu full of traditional Italian dishes but with a modern and exciting twist, you can’t go wrong at Angelo’s Ristorante in Sunderland.


For more information on this charming Italian restaurant, visit their website or follow their social media pages.

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