No restaurant captures the spirit of the Great British summer better than George’s Great British Kitchen in Newcastle. Despite being located right in the beating heart of Newcastle’s vibrant and cultural city centre, one step inside this wonderful restaurant’s doors and you’ll feel as if you’ve been whisked away to the British coast. Gingham tablecloths, stripy parasols, beach-hut-themed eating areas, quirky cloud-shaped lighting, and tempting seaside smells from the kitchen will immediately bring back all those memories of travelling to the British coast as a kid with your family, bucket and spade in hand, as you made sure you squeezed as much excitement from your summer holidays as possible. Now that the kids are off from school and demanding you make their summer holiday the best one yet, why not treat your family (and yourself) to a meal out in a quirky venue you’ll not soon forget?

George’s Great British Kitchen in Newcastle prides itself on its first-class produce. From the freshest catches of fish to perfectly picked Maris Piper potatoes, George’s takes a great deal of pride selecting only the finest ingredients to use in their selection of delicious classic Great British dishes with a modern twist. Based in the farmlands of Shropshire, their family farmers scour the lands for the finest seeds and grow their potatoes in an environment only they can provide. They are then stored in perfect condition before being peeled and chipped in the kitchen to ensure they don’t lose any of their scrumptious taste. As for the fish, fisherman work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure what ends up on your plate is only the very best, navigating the Norwegian Fjords in search of the freshest wild cod they can find and freezing it onboard as soon as it’s been caught to guarantee it says fresh.

Always on the lookout for the best ingredients possible, Development Chef Duncan is passionate about dreaming up dynamic dishes that are personal to him, therefore he always wants to ensure the highest level of quality attainable. Taking inspiration from his many marvellous experiences and cultural adventures filled with culinary delights, the food on the menu effortlessly blends the traditional with the thrilling. One taste will at once send your memories shooting back to a simpler time whilst also looking ahead to the future and your next unpredictable bite. Try starters such as George’s ‘Deconstructed Scotch Egg’, a dish featuring handmade pork sausage meat with leek and ginger, coated in breadcrumbs and topped with a butter baked runny free-range egg and a drizzle of HP sauce, or mains like their wild ocean cod in onion bhaji batter, drizzled with coronation mayo and served with Kashmiri pilau rice and homemade curry sauce.

From burgers and fish to speciality pies and grilled options such as steaks and surf and turf, there is something here to suit all tastes and keep the entire family happy. If you’re searching for a slice of the seaside in the heart of the city, you’ve found it here at George’s Great British Kitchen.

For more information on George’s Great British Kitchen’s Newcastle venue or their other three venues across the country (Nottingham, Leeds, and Liverpool), be sure to check out their website or follow their social media pages.

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