Forget white sandy beaches, impressive historic landmarks, and world-class shopping, according to a recent report which polled 9,000 respondents in 29 countries, two-thirds of US millennials make decisions with their tastebuds and cite food as the number one reason to hop on a plane and head to a far away city.

As most people’s first encounter with another country’s culture, it should really come as no surprise that food and travel are so inherently linked. You may never have visited the Taj Mahal but you’ve probably had a korma. You’ve likely never been to Mexico City to celebrate Día de los Muertos, but you’ve probably had enchiladas and tequila shots. And who doesn’t love pizza? As a multi-cultural country that loves its international cuisine, the influence food and drink has on people should never be overlooked.

The recent study conducted by and Tasty Travels found Paris to be the top food destination in the world, closely followed by Tokyo and Rome. president Johan Svanstrom had this to say about the study:

“Experiences are the new wealth, and food provides one of life’s most pleasurable experiences, where there’s always something new to try when you travel. So, it’s understandable that younger generations of travellers are defining their holiday by what they can eat, how they eat it, and how good the ‘Grams’ will be while they’re away!”.

Remarkably, the study also found that not only are millennials more likely to spend their trip searching for the best local delicacies to try than they are visiting local landmarks but they are also more likely to take photos of their food on their travels than they are of their friends, with 76% of tourists saying the food they try on their holidays make for more memorable memories than spending time with their travel buddies.

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