The sun was out, the shirts were off, and the sun cream was on (hopefully), but now, for most of us, it’s back to work and back to reality – well, until the next bank holiday rolls around in three weeks time.

If you’re suffering from post bank holiday blues and are doing everything in your power to extend the long weekend out further by working at the slowest acceptable pace at work, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite food stories of the day to keep you “fake-busy”.


Royal wedding menu

The wedding of the year is fast approaching and it’s set to be a spectacular event full of elegant gowns, celebrity faces, and fairytale scenes, but it’s the menu that most interests us – and this wedding’s menu is set to stun, after all, Meghan Markle did use to run a lifestyle blog centred around food named “The Tig”.

According to Town & Country, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle settled on the Royal-favourite catering company Table Talk to create culinary delights to celebrate their special day. Table Talk was responsible for both Will and Kate’s wedding reception and Pippa and James’, so their food is obviously a favourite amongst the younger royals.

Harry and Meghan’s daytime reception will take place at Windsor Castle following the noon wedding and will likely be comprised of light foods to compliment the sunny spring season.

Will and Kate’s wedding dinner featured an appetiser of marinated salmon, crab and langoustines on a herb salad. This preceded a dinner of organic lamb with potatoes, spring veg and “sauce Windsor”. For dessert, the guests dined on a trio of delicious delights: chocolate parfait, sherry trifle, and Berkshire honey ice cream. Each of these dishes were perfectly paired with wine and the desserts were paired with fresh mint tea and coffee.

A fan of strong-bodied red wines, Meghan’s menu is likely not to disappoint when it comes to booze.

As for desserts, on March 20th Kensington Palace announced that Harry and Meghan have booked the creative talents of Claire Ptak of Violet Cakes to craft the perfect cake for the celebration. The wedding cake is an untraditional one for the royals and will celebrate spring with lemon and elderflower and covered in buttercream and fresh flowers– not the traditional tiered fruit cake the royals are known for.


Gold, vanilla, and bronze?

The price of vanilla has shot up over the last few years and is starting to negatively affect the UK’s ice cream industry.  In fact, at over £440 per kilo, it now costs even more than silver. This price increase is unlikely to affect the bigger ice cream retailers but is thought to have a significant effect on smaller businesses – so we hope you managed to get your fill of vanilla ice cream this bank holiday weekend because who knows when you’ll be able to afford to binge on it again?

The reason for this price increase is due to a cyclone that hit Madagascar last March – where most of the world’s vanilla is produced. This has caused production rates to be reduced by a third.


The future of healthcare could be medically tailored food.

According to recent research, the future of the US healthcare industry could lie in common-sense dietary treatments. Instead of prescribing drugs to help manage conditions such as type 2 diabetes, doctors could simple prescribe tailored meals to control blood sugar levels, which could help combat the rising medical fees in the US.

This idea that a good diet is the best medicine for certain conditions could help the US move away from a system that favours money over human life.

120 million Americans suffer from chronic diseases which account for 75% of US healthcare spending. By using creative and affordable solutions such as this, patients could get an overall better level of care than they are currently getting and could save a lot on ridiculously high medical fees.



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