According to a recent study that polled 2,000 adults in the UK, commissioned by Spatone, a company that sells natural iron supplements, many of us Brits still foolishly believe food myths long since debunked.

If you are still telling your kids that carrots can make you see in the dark, that chewing gum takes seven years to work its way through your system if swallowed, and that you shouldn’t eat a meal after 8pm if you want to lose weight – stop. None of this is true.

The study found that a third of Brits still believe chewing gum takes seven years to digest, while many also still believe sugar is the best source of energy even though the energy boost it gives you is usually followed by a sharp energy drop. The study also concluded that 20% of Brits believe eggs are bad for your health and cause high cholesterol levels – also debunked.

Fortunately, not all the so-called facts about food we throw around are false. Apples can help clean your teeth, dark chocolate can be as good for you as fruit, chewing coffee beans can help eliminate bad breath, eating bananas can help with depression, and consuming dairy may cause acne.

But don’t let this dose of reality put you off eating carrots – they may not give you superpowers but they still taste great in a salad.

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