Today marks the eighth year anniversary of one of our favourite authentic Japanese eateries in London, Yoyo Kitchen. A lucky number in Japanese culture associated with prosperity and growth, what better time to celebrate Yoyo Kitchen and its many achievements than on its 8th year?

Despite there being a lot of Japanese eateries in London, few are operated by natives of the country, and the owner-chef of this eatery is someone special indeed.

Known as Yoyo by the locals, Yoichi Iguchi has well over 20 years’ experience in the industry and comes from a long line of authentic Japanese chefs with both his father and grandfather working as chefs before him. Having trained at one of the best Chinese restaurants in Japan, he moved to London in 1995 to work in the country’s best Japanese restaurants, including the prestigious Nobu in Park Lane where he made sushi for stars including Robert De Niro and Madonna.

Community focused and a big fan of giving back, it was always his dream to open a Japanese eatery in his local area, where he lives with his wife and four children, so he can share his love of delicious and authentic Japanese food with his friends.

A family-run business with a real focus on the community, Yoyo Kitchen is an officially accredited authentic Japanese take-out restaurant with Japanese government approval from the cabinet and is proud of its close links to the local Japanese community including the Japanese football club, London Samurai Utd. Not just active in the Japanese community, Yoyo Kitchen has also sponsored kits for the local children’s football club, Acton and Ealing Whistlers, and makes regular donations to a UK-based charity that funds trips abroad for children orphaned in the 2011 tsunami in Japan. They also regularly welcome children from the local Japanese school into their eatery and shop to learn more about authentic Japanese food and culture, and have made donations to school raffles and helped the local church advertise their parish events.

Yoyo Kitchen’s mission statement is a simple one, with a goal to provide delicious and authentic Japanese food to the community. Freshly prepared daily on the premises and always served with a smile, there’s a reason for its prosperity and growth within its last 8 years of operation.

Whether you’ve come for their authentic salmon and tuna hosomaki rolls, marinated mackerel, vegetarian-friendly sweet potato croquettes, or the best chicken katsu curry you’ve ever tasted, this charming cafe will keep you returning over and over and over again– much like a yo-yo.

Famed for its huge range of authentic sake on offer, such as their original Yoyo Sake – a unique, pure rice sake born from the collaboration of Yoyo Kitchen and the Nagano-based Shinshu Meijou brewery, sip on this wonderful wine and be transported to Japan’s fairytale forests with its naturally sweet and fresh flavours. Made from 100% rice and blended with the famous Hinoki wood, this wine makes the perfect gift and is ideal for any celebration – such as the anniversary of your favourite Japanese eatery perhaps?


To celebrate their anniversary every year and to give back to their favourite customers who have helped support this small, local, family-run business over the 8 years, the attentive and friendly staff at Yoyo Kitchen select 10 loyal customers and reward them with a gift to say thank you.

This year, the lucky 10 loyal customers they choose will receive two £8 vouchers to spend in Yoyo Kitchen.

If you’re in the mood for delicious, authentic Japanese food and have never visited Yoyo Kitchen before, what are you waiting for? Head along to the eatery and wish them a happy 8th anniversary with us.

For more information, check out our review of Yoyo Kitchen here or visit their website or social media pages.


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