Well, I won’t say that there are no foods on the planet which are loftier or more flavored than a pizza, but, come on, it is true that a few culinary amalgamation have ever been more tasty and satisfying than an awesome and delicious pizza. We take a look at wine matching with this favourite dish.

And, I don’t think that you will disagree with me, thanks to all the acidity, sweetness, and herbs in the delicious tomato sauce, salt and fattiness in cheese, delectable and quality crust, and last but not the least oceans of possibility with toppings that the yummy pizzas usually have.

Also, there are some classy places like Pizza Hut buffet coupons out there from where you can buy mouthwatering pizzas at an affordable rate.

However, despite the general humility of pizzas, an accompaniment of wine further elevates it to a great extent! Yes! Wines make pizzas extremely appetizing, even better than what it is on its own.

Want to know which wine and pizza combos do wonders? Then, just continue ahead:

  • Barbera d’ Asti from Italy

It is one of the finest wines that comes to everyone’s mind while thinking of a pizza. From Piedmont in Northern Italy, Asti is an excellent wine which is known for its high acidity, and a low content of tannin.

This kind of wine is very juicy and it remains packed with some mesmerizing cherry-berry flavors. Just go for the simpler and fruity as well as unoaked versions with a spicy and cheesy pizza. You’ll certainly remember it for the lifetime!

  • Chianti DOCG again from Italy

Don’t think that the weightier classic style is only great! Instead, just straight up and you’ll find that the straightforward Chianti is an incredible pizza partner. Typically, made from Sangiovese, simple Chianti is not at all concentrated and contains less tannic than its big brother-classic! This wine is either completely unoaked or very lightly oaked, but it is always juicer and light-bodied which goes perfectly fine with a pizza.

  • Beaujolais Villages from France

It won’t be right if I stay at Italy only. Yes! Just because the country has a huge number of pizza-friendly wines doesn’t mean that it is essential to stick to it always. So, I thought of veering west to France and more specifically to Gamay grape and I really found this wine extremely supreme. It is a light-bodied wine which tastes amazingly fresh. Moreover, due to a flavor of earthiness in it, this wine goes great along with a pizza.

  • Blaufranckish from Austria

Is the name turning you off? Well, don’t let it happen! Over the years, Austria has been making this wine with all the pride. It is actually an indigenous black variety of wine which is absolutely full of fruits. May it be bramble fruit, black cherries, or plums, you’ll get the flavor of all these delicious fruits in this wine!  With sufficient but supple tannins, it is absolutely an outstanding addition to the pizza parties.

Choose, Match, and Taste!

I can genuinely recommend you the aforementioned wines for drinking while munching on the palatable slices of pizzas. So, what are you waiting for? Just opt for any one of these with your favorite margarita or barbecue and I am sure you’ll remember this ultimate combination always.


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