If you think there is nothing better than food and if you are one of those foodies who always have the craving to try some new dishes, then probably you should go for a food hen do!!

You should take your taste buds for a tour and eat your heart out without thinking twice.

If you are already hungry then do read on, as this article will give you a lot of information about food and related activities, that will be perfect for your hen do!!

So here is a list of activities that you can choose –

3 Course Meal – This involves treating yourself to a complete three-course meal rather than just a big one. Set in your palette with some fantastic appetisers and get the meal started. Move on to the main course and while finishing with a sweet treat!

Afternoon Tea – One of the trendy options when it comes to a subtle hen do is that of having an afternoon tea with all your fellow hens! Choose from a variety of teas such as milk tea, black tea, or green tea and treat yourself to some bite-sized snacks!

All You Can Stuff! – You can go for this option if you want to satisfy a severe appetite! Just make sure that you book a hen do in a place that offers all you can eat buffet and get on with it. But do remember to eat in small portions for a longer period!

BBQ Lunch Party – Get all your girls outside and take over the Barbeque and the Grill. Prepare some of your favourite cuts of pork and beef, and enjoy your way through the afternoon!

Brewery Tour – Get in the mood for a serious hen party when it comes to a brewery tour. You will get to see behind the scenes of how a beer is made. Obviously, there will be rounds of tasting as well!

Cheese & Cider Tasting – What better to accompany a good time with some cheese and cider! Bring out a selection of cheese for your party and taste them all! If Apple is your favourite, then you will love cider tasting as well!!

Pizza All Night! – Yes, you read that right! You can choose to treat yourself and the fellow hens with an unlimited supply of pizza for the night! Just order up some freshly made pizzas and enjoy the good life!

Mexican Party Meal – Once the fun and celebrations begin you will need a snack tray to accompany your event and what better than little Mexican sliders and tacos. They will be the perfect supplement for you!

Sunset & Harbour Meal – For this beautiful activity you will need to visit the harbour for your hen do. Set up, nearby the water body, that will also allow you the perfect place for watching the sunset, making the meal more easy to remember!

Whiskey & Vodka Tasting – Book a tour that will take you to all those various places where you can wish to have the best in class whiskey and vodka tasting. Try your best not to get high with all that booze around you!!

Wine Cellar Meal – Well since you are already planning on tasting wine why not have an entire meal inside the cellar only. It will surely give you the best experience ever!

So if you liked any of these tips keep them in mind and do make sure to repeat them at your hen do!!

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