L’Ortolan in Reading has been one of our favourite Michelin starred restaurants for years. Their innovative take on dishes, fresh and contemporary dining and great foodie events lead the way when it comes to experience dining.

When we saw L’Ortolan chef Gareth on MasterChef: The Professionals, we were over the moon, especially since he received such great feedback on his first dish:

Greg : ‘I think your presentation is extraordinary, I think your flavours are extraordinary, and I absolutely love that. All those flavours I’m picking up. Sweet, sharp, sour, fruity, Szechuan and lavender. Its lovely, I don’t think I’ve tasted anything quite the same as that. So that has come as a wonderful surprise to me.’

Monica:  ‘The cooking of the duck, definitely much better than the first time around. I love the sharpness coming through, with the different fruit, with the peaches. It’s a great first dish. I like a lot of what’s on here.’

Marcus:  ‘You’ve just about kept it on the savoury side enough for me. The peach chutney’s delicious. Your sauce is big and its bold. Gareth, overall, I like the dish. Very tasty, refreshing, risky, but not bad.’

L'Ortolan MasterChef: The Professionals

If you haven’t been to L’Ortolan yet, we recommend that you book soon, they have some great events and offers coming up:

You can read our review of L’Ortolan here, read our latest version of the Berkshire Food & Drink Guide, or request a free copy to be sent to your address.

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