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Set to be everywhere, this delicious waffle/sundae creation is all over social media and it looks absolutely delicious – Bubble Pop Waffles can be found in 58 Creams Cafes nationwide.

Creams Cafe in Coventry have a selection of these bubble pop waffles on offer, and you can choose from flavours such as:

  • Oreo and cookie dough gelatos with butterscotch sauce and more Oreo cookie crumbs.
  • Banana and salted caramel gelato scoops, sliced banana and fudge pieces. Oozled with toffee sauce and sprinkled with toasted nuts.
  • Maltesers and chocolate chip gelatos, melted milk chocolate, white chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings.

You also have the option of inventing your own flavour combination so you can pick and choose your favourite sweets to add to this delicious dessert.

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This dish originated from Hong Kong in the 1950s to avoid wasting broken eggs that could not be sold to customers. Traditionally it is served plain but people have commented that by adding gelato and sweet treats, it doesn’t detract from the dish.

Stall holders would created an egg-shaped iron machine and blended the broken eggs with milk and flour to create a batter for the delicious waffles.

You can find Creams onĀ 1 Swanswell Street, Coventry CV1 5FZ call them on 02477 673350, or emailĀ [email protected] to make a booking.

There are 57 other Creams branches across the UK, click here to find the nearest one to you.

Creams Coventry

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