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Tap It, Southampton’s newest and finest Fermentalists, landed earlier this year at the marina. The new bar-brewery is supplying Southampton with unique and local new beers and a lovely setting to enjoy them in. Things have taken off so quickly that a second bar will be opening in Oxford Street this autumn. Keep your eyes peeled!

Their journey into brewing began around five years ago. The founders undertook copious amounts of research (and by research they mean drinking) into craft beers. The result was a deeper love of craft beer and the process of making it. The team have since launched the brewery, as well as the new bar within.

The recent launch event was a huge success, with swarms of giddy craft beer fans waiting to get a glimpse of the site. With fine food from the likes of Hubert Hars & the Brazen Butchers, and great music from the likes of Rockin the Joint, the brewery was crowned the perfect place to enjoy a great Tap It beer.

It doesn’t stop there. Tap It beers are infiltrating bars and restaurants all over Hampshire, so you don’t need to be in Southampton to get a taste. The best-loved brews so far include Interstellar (One small step for an IPA fan but one giant leap for a lager drinker, this IPA uses an American hop to give it a wonderful fruity, floral, citrusy and earthy aroma) and Rogue (grapefruit and intense pine flavours make this America Pale Ale strong on flavour and aroma).

Football fans will be very well-looked after at this new joint. Southampton is notorious for having some of the most dramatic football games around. Being right around the corner, it makes sense that the Tap It brewery will be screening matches in the new bar. Even better, Tap It’s fantastic beer is now coming straight to your doors through the Casks & Corks on Deliveroo!

Keep an eye on the website for details of the new bar opening in Oxford Street. Tap It beers will be accompanied by guest brews, top-notch wines and spirits and an unmistakable vibe and style… Did someone say wood-fired pizza?

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