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With Leeds restaurants making up an ever-evolving and vibrant food scene, now is the perfect time to take your taste buds on a journey through the continents. Open your eyes to some new cultures and experiences, all without leaving this lovely city!


Indian: Bundobust

What do you get when you combine Indian vegetarian street food with craft beer? You get Bundobust – a marriage made in heaven. After award-winning collaborators Prashad and The Sparrow Bier Cafe hosted a number of sold out events, a more permanent venue was needed for their happy unions of beer and curry. According to its owners, Bundobust is NOT a restaurant – it’s a bar full of hoppy India Pale Ales and other craft beer to wash down the incredible street food served. No wonder it’s featured on lists far and wide, including the Michelin Guide for 2017!


Japanese: Teppanyaki

You’ll get the whole Japanese experience, not just the taste, at Teppanyaki. Friendly atmosphere and to-die-for dishes aside, you’ll also witness an awe-inspiring piece of culinary theatre. Chefs will cook your dish of choice before your very eyes on a sizzling, flame-engulfed hotplate (the teppan) as they show off their juggling skills, showmanship and utter mastery at Teppanyaki cuisine.

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Thai: Zaap Thai Street Food

This award-winning joint was opened in 2015 and brings a tiny part of Bangkok to the centre of Leeds. Featuring around 80 dishes, expect dim-sum, roasted and grilled meats, spicy curries and more to ship your taste buds off to Thailand. When you see the interior, though, you might seriously question your whereabouts. With authentic signs and real tuk tuks, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped inside from the busy streets of Bangkok.

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Chinese: Red Chilli

Red Chilli doesn’t pander to westernised ideas of Chinese food – it’s the real thing. Best of all, with so many options on the menu, you can be as adventurous or safe as you like. This central restaurant will give you everything you could want from an authentic experience, and it won’t break the bank. The décor is contemporary yet traditional, with patriotic colours and lantern-style lights coming together to make a soothing atmosphere.

Middle Eastern: Comptoir Libanais

If you’ve not tried Lebanese cuisine, you’re missing out. Middle Eastern food has been making an impact on the British food scene for a long time, and it’s only getting more popular. It’s no wonder – it’s fresh, healthy, colourful and exotic. Sitting in this souk-like Leeds restaurant, you’ll have the choice of all kinds of wraps, salads, tagines, grills, and mezzes, as well as Man’oucha – Lebanese style pizzas. Don’t forget the Baklawa for dessert! 

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American: Tortilla

Inspired by the many expertly-crafted burritos in San Francisco, the ‘burrito capital of the world’, Tortilla opened in the UK in a bid to recreate these incredible American burritos right here for us British folk to enjoy. Who doesn’t love Mexican food? The contrasting flavours of the classic combinations all neatly tucked in to a little pillow of heaven are enough to make your mouth water just thinking about it.

la rambla leeds

Spanish: La Rambla

Never been to Spain? Never fear – you can taste it right here in La Rambla. With a relaxed, homely feel, the welcoming atmosphere and staff will have you ready to enjoy some more personal, ‘grandma-inspired’ Spanish dishes from Columbian head chef Viviana and her team. All ingredients are locally sourced and seasonal on this ever-evolving menu – expect original rural Spanish dishes made with more love than most mass market menus.

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