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There be a new brunch menu at Don Paddy’s in Uppingham, Rutland launching on 27th March 2017. Mr & Mrs Wills, who have been running this bustling bistro for over 10 years have high hopes that this delectable Brunch Menu will put rural Uppingham firmly on the foodie map.

With dishes such as Chorizo Hash, Sweetcorn Fritters and Breakfast wrap to name but a few, their menu will highlight how versatile and enjoyable brunch is and should be.  As time goes on, friends and family are uniting over this fairly new meal and meeting regularly on a weekend to discuss the week’s events whilst drinking coffee and reading the papers.

don paddy's uppingham

Don Paddy’s goes from coffee house to wine bar, come evening, is mercurial in the plethora of options available to its customers. However, the underlying feature of this popular establishment is their dedication to the customers themselves. A close team of staff work to create a welcoming and friendly environment where customer service comes first. As such, when Don Paddy’s releases a change to their format, such as the Brunch Menu, it is sure that is will be enjoyed by all.

With smoothies and breakfast cocktails to go with, Don Paddy’s brunch is set to be a great success.

Read our review of Don Paddy’s here, or visit their website for more information about booking.

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  1. Avatar Olivia Kirby says:

    Another one I know about! I used to go here all the time – it’s always been really nice and sociable in there. My friend, who lives in Uppingham, is on his way to mine now so I’ll tell him about the new brunch dishes! He spends a lot of time and money in Mr Wills’ establishments!

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