Alyn Williams on Dining in the Capita

London’s food scene changes so quickly it’s hard to keep up with what’s happening. Innovative restaurants, creative ideas and dedicated chefs keep things fresh, while well-established favourites continue to be a rip-roar success. The dynamic gastronomic landscape is ever-evolving, earning the capital a reputation for some of the world’s finest restaurants. We chat with Alyn Williams to find out his thoughts on London’s dining scene.  

‘There have been stratospheric rises and changes to London’s food scene during my time in the industry,’ says Alyn. ‘In 1986 London had just 14 restaurants with Michelin stars. Two of those had two stars and only one had three – the most any restaurant can get. The chefs in these restaurants were revered by the diners and by cooks like me.’

According to Alyn, many things have shaped the city, and seeing it change has been interesting, to say the least.

Alyn Williams on Dining in the capital

‘Now, London has 53 restaurants with one Michelin star, nine restaurants with two stars and two venues with three almighty Michelin stars,’ he says.

‘I know that restaurants of this status are still well regarded, but London has also welcomed a new wave of wonderful restaurants with dynamic, creative young chefs at the helm. We have seen entire neighbourhoods transformed by smart, modern offices, new-style architecture and most importantly, great new eateries. No longer is it the privilege of the swanky postcodes to be able to dine well on their doorsteps. The high end has stayed high but embraced a whole new attitude towards eating out while the mid-range venues have revolutionised the dining scene in London.’

Alyn Williams on Dining in the Capital

Alyn says, ‘When I began cheffing I was excited about my career, but now I’m even more excited about what my cherished city has become; I’m really looking forward to what the future holds.’

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