Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms

From local awards to national accolades, Sat Bains’ trophy shelf is rather full. Many of these awards are for the eponymous Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms, which, most notably, has a two-Michelin-starred status and five AA rosettes.

Ensconced in a tranquil spot by the River Trent, a few miles from Nottingham city centre, it offers an exemplary fine dining experience that draws diners to the East Midlands from far and wide.

In tandem with the launch of our most recent Nottingham Food & Drink Guide, we decided to catch up with Sat Bains himself, and discover why he decided to set up shop in Nottingham.

“For my wife and I, choosing to live in the East Midlands was an easy choice – we both grew up here so have a strong connection and affection for the region. But as a chef, the choice was even more straightforward; the abundance of top-quality local produce means that it’s a veritable playground for any creative chef, and an exceptional place to open a restaurant. You only have to step outside your front door to find a wealth of wild food, and our local hams, cheese, game and dairy are of world-class quality.

“At Restaurant Sat Bains, we harness the standard of quality ingredients and amazing producers in the area. For 15 years our aim has been to provide diners with something a little different from the norm, but to stay true to the flavours and textures that reflect this bountiful part of the county. The East Midlands is a very special place.

Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms

“At the restaurant, we’re pushing forward as always. We’ve extended last year’s project on the garden to incorporate even more planting with the latest in vertical technology. This means that as well as the lateral space we’ve used until now, we should have a really good crop from our vertical planting schemes too. The greenhouses have had a great impact on the kitchen and have helped us extend the season of so much produce. Now it’s hard to imagine what we did without our garden and composter.

“As I’ve mentioned before, reducing our carbon footprint is something we’re constantly striving towards. We decided last year that the formal linens we were dressing each table with were next on our list to consider. The environmental effect of all that maintenance – washing, detergent, and ironing every day – was enormous. We found a phenomenal craftsman in Derbyshire who made us bespoke deerskin-covered tables, replacing the linen perfectly. They are beautiful. The quality and diversity of the craftsmen and women in this part of the UK never fails to amaze me. We are so lucky to have people like them right on our doorstep.

“Together with my fellow chefs and suppliers, I hope we can guarantee that Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands continue to be recognised for producing some of the best food in the world. So, have a look through the Nottinghamshire Food & Drink Guide, get out there and see what our fabulous region has to offer.”

If you’d like to request a copy of our Nottingham Guide, you can do so here, or alternatively, give it a read online.

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