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Gordon Ramsay is encouraging people to submit pictures of their culinary creations on Twitter for him to rate and provide feedback.

One Twitter user John George tweeted Ramsay asking: ‘Rate the level of doneness on this steak from raw to piece of old shoe.’

Ramsay replied: ‘Ghandi’s flip-flops.’

Even though some of the responses are fairly brutal, it’s really difficult not to like him: the man is a great chef, he’s hilarious, and he clearly knows how to cook.

Take a look at some of the best tweets below, or follow him on Twitter here.

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One Response to Gordon Ramsay: offering aspiring chefs feedback on social media

  1. Avatar WelshCakes&Wellies says:

    I absolutely love this, made me chuckle. Gordon Ramsey is always so straight to the point – brilliant! I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to share my recipes with him 🙂

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