Dry January Mocktail Recipes

After weeks of overindulging on sweet treats and booze over the festive season, the diets and detoxes are in full swing come the New Year. Luckily, giving our bodies a much-needed break by banishing the booze doesn’t need to mean sticking to water and decaf coffee. 

If you find dry January is starting to drag,why not take a look at these delicious non-alcoholic mocktail recipes from some of London’s best bars? They are sure to delight. You might not even miss the alcohol after all…

Gorgeous Cocktail by 100 Kensington
This refreshing blend of fruity flavours creates a tasty tipple to be sipped in style. The sweetness of the cranberry and raspberry is given a lift thanks to the zesty lime.Dry January Mocktail Recipes

Bouncing Lowrider by Charlotte’s W5
This tropical combination works so well you won’t believe it’s alcohol-free. Charlotte’s W5 recognise that all too often the teetotallers are neglected, so have developed a splendid creative offering of non-alcoholic beverages. Their newest Bar Book launches on January 13th.
Dry January Mocktail Recipes

Spring in Hyde Park by Marriott Hotel Park Lane
This bespoke spring mocktail was created by head bartender Francesco Lombardi to inject a little freshness into your dry January.Dry January Mocktail Recipes

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