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If you’re in Sussex this festive season, pay a visit to Real Patisserie – a collection of five self-sufficient and independently run shops selling high-quality bread, special occasion cakes, patisserie and savouries. Their creations change with the seasons and, in readiness for Christmas, the chefs in each shop have been hard at work baking French-inspired masterpieces that are sure to impress and delight your family and guests.

Their Christmas logs are independently created by the chefs in the different branches, and while the same recipe may be used in various venues, each log comes with individual decorative touches.

Here’s a taster of the stunning and delectable logs available:

raspberry and mascarpone log; lemon and lime log; Metis Log

At the Trafalgar Street branch and the Western Road shop you can purchase this vibrant raspberry and mascarpone log – a subtly sweet raspberry centre within a light mascarpone mousse on melt-in-the-mouth pistachio cake.

Also available is the zingy lemon and lime log. Crumbly Brittany shortbread, flavoured with zest, forms the base for a feather-light lime mousse, with a lemon centre that is both satisfyingly smooth and refreshingly tangy.

The dark, gleaming creation is the Metis Log at the Kemp Town shop. Below its mirror-like surface is a base of wheat-free chocolate sponge topped with velvet-smooth chocolate mousse that surrounds a hidden core of natural vanilla crème brûlèe.

A traditional chocolate log made with wheat-free sponge cake is available from all the Brighton shops, and the spectacular Croquant Chocolat can be purchased there and at the Shoreham shop too. The logs are conveniently priced by length, ranging from 12cm to 36cm, so you can satisfy parties small or large.

vegan Christmas tart; Parkin Bite; raspberry macaroons

Other festive delights include this vegan Christmas tart created in Kemp Town. Hazelnuts and almonds bedeck a rich, creamy caramel that contains not a hint of dairy products.

The Real Patisserie bible runs to around 250 tantalising recipes, with new ones being added all the time. The complete book is kept closely under lock and key, but from January 2017 a recipe section will be appearing on their blog, with seasonal specialities for you to make at home.

In the autumn you might try your hand at the Parkin Bite – a satisfyingly rich almond cake infused with ginger and subtle spices – while in summer you could attempt these raspberry macaroons. If your baking skills aren’t quite up to these high standards, why not book in for a cookery class at Real Patisserie? Current classes include bread and savouries, with patisserie pencilled in for the coming year.

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