On the fifth day of Christmas Michael Caines gave to me…

Top tips for preparing Christmas dinner…

The secret to succulent turkey

The secret to succulent turkey

If you plump for a turkey this year, ask the butcher to take off and bone out the legs and tie the turkey breast up. All you need to do is briefly seal off the turkey in a hot pan to caramelise the meat then create a trivet with the bones roast the breast on top in the oven. This will not only reduce the cooking time by up to 50 per cent, but also keep the meat from drying out so it remains lovely and succulent.

Stay ahead of the game

Stay ahead of the game

I’d also recommend preparing the vegetables on Christmas Eve. Get ahead of the game – peel the potatoes, prep the Brussels sprouts, and make sure you delegate so the whole family mucks in!

The 12 days of Chefmas…



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