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Yes, it’s still October – but with the long nights and the cold weather closing in fast it can only mean one thing. Winter is coming.

And of course, so is New Year’s Eve.

The single most celebrated night of our festive calendar, New Year’s Eve brings with it a whole host of parties and shindigs. From sophisticated supper clubs to silent discos, and pretty much everything in between, New Year’s Eve celebrations in Bristol come in all shapes and sizes and offer something for everyone.

From the pressures of planning for a group, to finding the perfect party and the always-present fear of missing out (resulting in a mad dash from party to party), too much choice can make things difficult. Luckily for you, The Food and Drink Guides are here to help you narrow down your search. We’re here to let you know about some of the finest events to welcome in the New Year in Bristol.

A Night at the Circus – The Square

The Square’s New Year’s Eve events have become a thing of legend, drawing acclaim not just in Bristol but across the UK. Past themes have included a Mardi Gras Carnival and a 1920’s prohibition gala, and this year promises to be every bit as much fun. Expect circus performers, live magic, a themed menu, and a free bar – all included in the ticket price. The dress code also guarantees fun – black tie with a circus twist – luckily for us; the door policy specifies friendly clowns only.

A Roaring 1920’s New Year’s Eve at Clevedon Hall 

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Priced at just £105 a head, Clevedon Hall in Bristol are putting on a 1920’s themed ball. The venue itself is perfectly suited to such an idea – with pomp and grandeur dating back to 1850; it’s easy to imagine that the walls of the building have seen many such parties. The price includes a five-course tasting menu along with access to a cash bar, and live entertainment all night – it really is an all-inclusive extravaganza.

Bambalan’s NYD silent disco

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This year, New Year’s Day is the new New Year’s Eve at Bambalan. Kicking off at a bright 1pm, you’ll find dancing, cocktails, and a delicious Middle Eastern buffet to mark the start of 2017 in style. With two cocktails per person, the exciting buffet, and a full day’s entertainment included in the £30 ticket, this is the New Year’s Day party that Bristol has been waiting for.

Colston Hall

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For the past three years, Colston Hall has played host to some of the greatest New Year’s Eve shindigs in Bristol. Last year saw live music from Submotion Orchestra, Bristol local Mr Benn, and Ibibio Sound Machine, with high-life beats carrying the party well into the night. The year before brought swing music galore, dapper dancing and 1920’s attire. Details of this year’s event are yet to be announced, but keep an eye on the website – whatever it is, it’s sure to be good.

The Milk Thistle

With all four floors offering the potential for untold adventure, and hidden entry adding to the excitement of the experience, The Milk Thistle are holding a ball of untold proportion. Based around Jim Henson’s cult movie Labyrinth starring the late, great David Bowie – you’ll find an immersive experience featuring walkabout performers, costumes, cocktails, and of course a soundtrack to fit the occasion.

The Glassboat

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Another one yet to announce its plans officially, the Glassboat has been running its New Year’s Eve events since the turn of the decade. The usual suspects at their New Year’s parties include a delicious special menu, Prosecco aplenty, after-dinner entertainment, and dancing. With a kitchen serving up a great array of classic French cuisine, you can only imagine the pleasure of a New Year’s Eve menu at the Glassboat.

Alex Everill

Alex Everill

Whenever he goes anywhere new, Alex remembers what he ate above all else. Days are always planned around food with life stuff slotted in between, where possible. He loves a good bowl of ramen or phở, a good cup of coffee, anything Medieval and graphic novel adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays.

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