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Halloween parties are upon us and time’s running out to perfect your outfit. If you’re still seeking inspiration, take a look at this selection of our favourite food-themed creations. Treat yourself to a shop-bought costume or pick up some tips and tricks on making your own – no sewing skills required.

Treat yourself – Halloween costumes to buy

Pumpkin costumes

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins, and Jokers’ Masquerade has them galore, with everything from cute baby costumes to risqué puffball skirts and pumpkin-patterned suits. I’m not sure I’d dare to bare my arms in this somewhat chilly season, but I love the pumpkin hat, and as for the suit, well, if I were a man I’d be wearing it every day!

Sausage costumes

Monday 31st October 2016 is also the start of British Sausage Week, so why not combine two celebrations in one and go to your Halloween bash as a giant hot dog? Take your sausage dog with you, or, if you’re partying as a couple, splash out on this pair of ketchup and mustard costumes.

Beer, cupcake and grape costumes

No party is complete without a few drinks, and this beer outfit lends a new meaning to Bring Your Own! Grown-ups’ costumes don’t come much sweeter than this frothy pink cupcake, but one of my favourites has to be the crazy bunch of purple grapes.

Tips and tricks – homemade Halloween costumes

Peas, beans and broccoli, and sweets

You don’t need to be a genius with a needle to rustle up these homemade costumes in next to no time. A few bits of foam lagging and some green wool can make your kids love broccoli and beans, some overalls and green balloons turn best friends into peas in a pod, and balloons in a bag make superb sweets.

Whether you’re popping to the nearest fancy dress shop or hoping those balloons don’t pop, have a great Halloween 2016!

Lucy Palmer

Lucy Palmer

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