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Chef to the stars describes why Derbyshire is a dreamy place for dining.

The Peak District and its surrounding countryside is a place of indescribable beauty. Year after year, dedicated hikers and wildlife enthusiasts head to its high-reaching hills.

It is not just the scenery that should have you pulling on your hiking boots and setting off to explore the region. If you arrive with a thirst for fresh air, you’ll leave seduced by Derbyshire’s fantastic food offering. This is the home of famous British delights such as the Bakewell pudding and thick Derbyshire oatcakes. Cheese is a popular export of the region, and local producers are masters in crafting creamy Buxton Blue and Blue Stilton cheese.

Flying the flag for Derbyshire and its bounty, Alan Hill makes good use of the local farm shops, markets and foodie festivals. Indeed, he totes the ‘unsung producers’ who supply The Cavendish kitchen as a vital part of the restaurant’s success. Alan chooses from a number of excellent growers and producers when sourcing ingredients, and acknowledges how lucky he is to have Chatsworth Estate and its ‘own estate-reared lamb, venison and game’ readily available.

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Alan Hill has a very pragmatic view of the importance in keeping the local foodie scene alive, noting that ‘good food and drink are an important element in any visitor’s experience, and the variety of choice in Derbyshire grows year on year, forming a vital part of our economy.’ He acknowledges that ‘it’s too easy to take this wonderful county for granted. The daily routine sometimes overshadows the natural beauty surrounding us’. As somebody who lives, breathes and cooks in the region, he says it is ‘all too easy to see why the Peak District National Park is the most visited in Britain.’

Alan encourages any ardent foodie to use ‘their local butcher, fishmonger, baker and fruit stall’ when buying produce. Diners are becoming more conscious about the food they eat and where it comes from and Alan urges diners to quiz suppliers and restaurants about their provenance.

For a taste of what the region has to offer, Alan recommends readers stop by The Cavendish at Baslow and looks ‘forward to giving you a very warm welcome’.

You can read our review of The Cavendish here, request a free copy of our Peak District and Derbyshire Food & Drink Guide here, or read online below:

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