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We get the low-down on why Frances Atkins thinks Yorkshire is a special foodie region.

Frances Atkins has been cooking up a storm at The Yorke Arms for 18 years now, and in that time her and her team have seen and been part of the many changes that have happened in the industry. Food and drink is about trends, and while it is important to stay abreast of that, quality always wins.

For example, Frances tells us: “we recently rebooted our lunchtime bar menu, and each dish’s identity was developed through the kitchen team’s skill and understanding of fresh ingredients (which come mostly from our garden and the surrounding hills) rather than passing fads.” She continues, “no matter what may come, at The Yorke Arms we find ourselves always returning to our core values, focusing on developing the flavours of our ingredients.”

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It’s not the only value Frances and her kitchen brigade cherish. She says, “Another value we cherish is one that is so native to the region. Our guests – whether staying in one our comfy rooms, relaxing in front of one of the log fires with a glass of Champagne or sampling the tasting menu – always comment on how friendly Yorkshire folk are and how great it is that the man on the street will talk to visitors. This true Yorkshire hospitality, and something that we wholeheartedly embrace at The Yorke Arms.”

Yorkshire is a special region, according to Frances. “There is such a raw beauty in our environment. Our towns and cities are bursting with elegance and style and – of course, the most important thing – warm hospitality.”


“Yorkshire now boasts six Michelin-starred restaurants, which shows that the county is still very much leading the way in the culinary sector. From those Michelin-starred restaurants and foodie pubs, to local cafés and elegant tearooms, the new talent that comes in all the time creates a stimulating and competitive vibe that makes our restaurant scene varied and exciting.”

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Joele Forrester

Joele Forrester

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