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My first TripAdvisor funnies post highlighted a choice ten quotes from the occasionally weird and wonderful world of open community feedback. Now, after a bit more web travelling, I can present to you even more amusing stories from the tricksy world of hospitality and catering:

Still too much information
The beer does weird things to my husband’s digestive system. It’s all German lagers and I guess he’s not really sure what he’s ordering but he complains about it every time.

The Diners Have Eyes
…customers were told “we’re busy” but it clearly was actually pretty quiet. I know this because I have eyes.

Marital bliss
My wife had the chicken and she said she liked it however she often says things which arent true.

That common food staple
…what was in the cupboard thrown together and could easily appeared at a chain hotel buffet – peanut and wasabi powder anyone?

M-wasabi - Copy

And so when we were served duck beasts on Friday night

Key Skills: Living a long time; chewing
we, the bill paying customers with 250 years of meat eating experience behind us have developed an ability to determine whether something can be chewed and swallowed or not

And fetch me a flagon of ale
I expressed my delight to the friendly serving wench who told me that was because of the two new blades in the kitchen; one from The Ivy and the other from The Crooked Billet, and they were ‘kicking donkey’.

I’m not sure what this is selling
Therefore the onus is on the reviewer to bring in a large party and the restaurant will have a belly dancer to bend over backwards to please and dance on the table to boot

M-belly dancer - Copy

Are we still talking about restaurants?
it was exactly like my experience of Legoland where children go to say they have been and tell their friends how wonderful it was, thereby driving more Kids to going. In fact Legoland is a s***te theme park where you have to wait up to 1 hour in a que to go on a 3 minute roller coaster which is s***te as well.

And, as with the last post, a restaurateur’s right to respond
Whilst we do ensure the quality of our food, service & attentiveness in our restaurant we cant, however, always guarantee the quality of our guests.

Dominic Stroud

Dominic Stroud

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