A selection of some of the more unusual customer feedback.

Tales from TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor can be many different things to many different people, but it’s undeniable that some of the feedback on the travel community website can be a bit… unconventional. Here are some of my favourite stories I’ve stumbled across on there.

Delete as applicable
The accompanying Salmon or Steak were thoroughly enjoyed by my parents.

Too much information
Lovely room, very dark brown theme…lost my black knickers some where in it.

Isn’t it called ham?
It was disgusting that they did not separate the pig meat from the veggie options.

No fish and chips for you
After spilling through the door with the Bride to Be dressed in tacky treats, the waitress did not even batter an eye lid

Potato, potato
I have never tasted Chinese food as bland and coming from an Irish person that was brought up on potatoes that means alot.


A call to arms
May the Good Lord preserve grown men from the terrifying experience of art on the plate. It is HIGH TIME to do away with all this limp-wristed, head in the clouds, namby-pamby,airy-fairy, arty-crafty drivel. No more drizzling, pan fried seering, dusting, I’m getting shades of bramble, bracken and bull…., dew picked, lightly tossed, gently swept, on a bed of wild mountain rocket freshly flown from Iran. People! Get a grip! Pull yourselves together. Remember Nelson! I know that the good old days when we could sweep down from the North in raven-sailed longships and burn the villages of harmless rustics, steal their women and rape their sheep, sail back home and spend the Winter around the fire singing songs about it whilst quaffing ale and devouring slabs of roast boar, are, alas, long gone. But, a man needs a meal of healthy Teutonic proportions, one he can invade France to, not one to mince down a catwalk. Let there be a Fatwa upon Nouvelle Cuisine. Tomorrow I commence a course of expensive counselling (thus making me a drain on the NHS), in the hope to pull me through

Informative menu descriptions
The venison stew was half meat and half kidney and the bream […] was not.

Keyboard warrior
I left most of it and I had to grit my teeth as I was asked at least twice if I was enjoying it. No I was not!

Romantic candlelit dinner
…the place was in darkness. Either the owners were cost-cutting or we arrived there on seance night.

And finally, a restaurateur’s right to respond
A gastronome such as yourself was obviously not happy. Why did you not say something at the time? This always puzzles me and re-enforces my opinion that trip advisor is thoroughly misused by certain types of individuals whom all love Tapas for some reason. Had you voiced your opinion at the time you would have got your requested reply.
The Management

M-tapas-And finally

Dominic Stroud

Dominic Stroud

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