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FI-edinburgh dishes

Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world: stunning architecture, beautiful landscapes, lovely people, a mythical castle and more cobbled roads than the intro to Coronation Street. We love it!

Not only that, but Edinburgh has one of the most thriving foodie scenes in the UK, with tons of awesome independent eateries. So whether you’re a local looking for a new favourite or you’re visiting and looking for the best feed, we’ve listed 11 amazing dishes that you need to try in this wonderful city.

Mint Aero cakeMimi’s Bakehouse

  Cured Mackerel, pickled beetroot & vodka cream – The Riparian Rooms

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Chocolate, strawberry and hazelnut pancakes –  Tupiniquim

Teriyaki glazed Spam, grilled pineapple and wasabi mayo – Burger 

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  Spicy beef salad (yang mooyan) – Ting Thai Caravan

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Battered baby squid stuffed with Vietnamese pulled pork and pickled veg –  Safari Lounge

Strawberries & cream and cocktails – Juniper

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  Hell Ramen – Maki & Ramen Sushi Bar

Lamb curry served in a hollow bread loaf – Shebeen Bar

  Wild Goose with Sprouts – Plumped Horse

Anna Nicole Smith – Just Burgers & Beers

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