Jessica Roberts sources seven healthy alternatives to your usual sugar-laden snacks…

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Every man and his dog knows that, officially, there are three mealtimes each day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, we at Fed Up & Drunk HQ are all somewhat guilty of punctuating these meals with a nibble here and there, be they sweet or savoury, little or large.

In a bid to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst still enjoying some tasty treats, I’ve compiled a collection of alternative snacks which will still hit the spot but without all of the naughty saturated fats and artificial sugars.

1. Swap crisps for roasted chickpeas

2 Crisps

If, like me, you find crisps incredibly moreish, then it’s probably best to switch them out for something a bit more nutritious. Roasted chickpeas still maintain that satisfying crunch, with the added benefit of being high in fibre – great for a mid-morning snack.

2. Swap party rings for apple rings

3 Party Rings

It is difficult to find a downside to munching on dried apple slices: they keep your sweet tooth satisfied, are fat free and low in sodium, and also contribute to your recommended daily intake of fruit and veg! (Don’t pretend like you’ve never munched through a packet of Party Rings in the office.)

3. Swap a milkshake for a naturally sweetened shake

4 Shakes

If learning that a medium strawberry milkshake from McDonalds contains almost the same number of calories as one of their cheeseburgers shocks you, then you might want to try a slightly healthier version of this beverage. Swapping out sugar with dates keeps this drink sweet, and the banana and coconut ensure each mouthful is both delicious and refreshing.

4. Swap sweets for frozen grapes

5 Sweets

Keeping all of those naughty sugars away from your teeth doesn’t have to mean cutting out sugar completely; simply snack on some frozen grapes instead of those sugarific sweets. Perfectly sized for a small snack, make sure you pop your grapes into a sandwich bag to stop them from rolling all over the freezer – and to stop them from drying out too!

5. Swap ice cream for frozen, whipped banana

6 Ice Cream

This one ingredient ice cream comes completely guilt free, thanks to the sole ingredient being banana. Simply chop up a banana, pop it in the freezer and then blitz for a healthy frozen treat. Trust me it tastes just like banana ice cream.

6. Swap chocolate bars for 60%+ cacao dark chocolate

7 Chocolate

Dark chocolate has been proved to provide numerous benefits, from brain boosting to anti-inflammatory agents. With its high cacao content, this yummy snack is also super rich, meaning you won’t need as much to satisfy you when you’re craving something sweet.

7. Swap chocolate chip muffins for carob and fig muffins

8 Muffin

Rich in nutrients and caffeine free, a carob and fig muffin is a great way of enjoying a tasty snack, without the sugar rush and subsequent crash. Afternoon tea never looked so healthy!

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