Put down the pan and pay for a bit of posh this Shrove Tuesday…

1 FI Pancakes

As the heart-shaped helium balloons deflate and the last red-foil-covered truffle is demolished, it’s time to put thoughts of Valentine’s Day behind us, because – and I write this quite overcome with excitement – it’s Pancake Day!

Now, I’m a lemon juice and brown sugar girl myself, but it seems that London’s chefs are paying homage to this humble larder-basics recipe and giving the pancake a bit of a makeover. So put the maple syrup back in the cupboard; toppings just got trendy.

2 Botanist

For the ultimate in decadence, how about splashing out £32 on a lobster pancake? Well, visit The Botanist on Sloane Square and you can do exactly that. This doubtless delicious creation will feature tender lobster, morel and chanterelle mushrooms and smoked garlic bisque; but don’t panic if you’ve a sweet tooth – there’s a marshmallow, hot chocolate sauce and coconut ice cream option too.

3 One Canada

One Canada Square will be treating Canary Wharf’s crepe-loving crew to a Devonshire crab and brown shrimp pancake with buttered samphire and roast lobster-vanilla sauce – and all for the not-so-princely sum of £12.

4 Jugged Hare

You’d be flippin’ mad to miss the Jugged Hare in Moorgate’s offering of a Dorset crab and chilli, with cucumber Carpaccio, lemon and lime gel-filled crepe (£9).

5 Gun

The Gun, a Docklands favourite, is going for a sweet theme with choices of rhubarb compote and vanilla crème fraiche (£7); pecan, bacon and maple syrup pancake (£7); and banana, peanut butter, chocolate pancake (£7).

6 Bretagne

A pancake isn’t just for Pancake Day though. Places like Le Petite Bretagne in Hammersmith serve these versatile little foldable delights all year round. I’m a fan of the L’Anglaise (Stilton, apple, walnut, ham option).

Hungry? Me too.

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