This July, new Bristol-based food duo Sassafras will be making a pig’s ear of it, but not in the way you might think – prepare to be thrilled from head to toe!

There is a bit of a stigma around offal. We often assume that the stuff isn’t edible, perhaps that it’s only good for sausages, or that it doesn’t have the same potential as conventional meat. When choosing our meals, offal doesn’t always make the cut.

Offal Dishes

But new Bristol-based food duo Sassafras, aka chef Richard Bowman of award-winning restaurant The Ethicurean, and the Sustainable Food Trust’s very own Tessa Tricks, are on hand to prove that offal does have legs. Just like the American euphemism ‘variety meats’ suggests, offal boasts a range of textures, flavours, shapes and sizes, and Sassafras are keen to show you everything it has to offer. The four-course offal-oriented menu will treat you to all kinds of unexpected delights, and deliver you from the clutches of squeamishness and stigma into the welcoming arms of some truly delicious, yet sadly unappreciated delicacies.

Offal Dishes

This isn’t a bush tucker challenge; far from it in fact. Sassafras aims to show diners how delicious and appropriate offal can be for a gourmet supper. So, shrug off your hesitations and make your way down to Source Food Hall and Café in St Nicholas Market in Bristol on 9th July to enjoy pea and ham soup with crispy pig’s ears, duck heart, neck and liver terrine, ox tongue and cheek chou farci, and rhubarb frangipan with bone marrow pastry and elderflower cream, all lovingly prepared by Richard and Tessa for your exclusive dining pleasure. To find out more visit the website or follow Sassafras on Facebook. Or, if this all sounds offally good to you, head straight over to Eventbrite to book your tickets.


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