New brand of ultra-indulgent milkshakes launched at flagship store…

Milkshake is usually associated with children’s parties, fast food chains and 1950s diners – and, of course, that famous song about bringing boys to the yard – but one man seeks to reinvent this ubiquitous beverage and transform it into a luxurious treat. Mr Sherick – former buyer for high street mainstay Marks & Spencer – and his team have created a range of five decadently delicious shakes, which launched at Selfridges’ flagship Oxford Street store earlier this month.

Although the flavours will sound pretty familiar to milkshake fans – mint, chocolate, and strawberry, for example – each of Mr Sherick’s Shakes has something unexpected. For example, the Pot au Choc contains Belgian chocolate chips in a shake made with real cocoa mass, while the Strawberry Pavlova features tasty meringue pieces in a milky drink blended with natural strawberry juice and pulp. The Cookies & Cream boasts cookie morsels enveloped by a velvety vanilla shake, while the Softly Banoffee features a rich banana shake with toffee sauce and mini toffee chunks. Each one is made with fresh British milk and the finest ethically sourced ingredients.

Andrew explains: ‘I’ve always loved milkshakes and it’s long been my dream to make my own range because I don’t think there’s anything out there that really hits the spot. Mr Sherick’s Shakes are totally different to anything that anyone will have ever tasted, offering pure milkshake indulgence in a bottle.’

To find out more about these little bottles of deliciousness, visit the website or follow Mr Sherick’s Shakes on Twitter or Facebook.

Michelle Grady

Michelle Grady

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