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Waking up feeling fuzzy-headed and slightly shameful after over-indulging on alcoholic beverages is a usual weekend occurrence for many. Yet while it may seem like this is an unavoidable aspect of having a social life, entrepreneur Catherine Salway (former brand director at the Virgin Group) is looking to challenge this rather rocky relationship with the demon drink by proving you don’t need to knock back the booze to have a good time.

Dismayed by the lack of alcohol-free venues in the city, Catherine set out to debunk the notion that going out means going all-out on the liquor by opening a space that removes the temptation to overdo it on the wine, yet still boasts a lively vibe and sociable atmosphere. The resulting bar, located on the Netil House rooftop and open every Sunday throughout the summer, has been a roaring success, attracting Londoners out to ‘spoil themselves without being spoiled’.

Catherine says of her vision: ‘I was looking for a disruptive, socially responsible idea, something that would challenge convention. An ex-boyfriend (who has a bad relationship with alcohol) wanted to meet up one evening in London somewhere without the temptation of booze. We couldn’t think of anywhere at all – from this, the idea of Redemption was born.

‘The idea so far has been welcomed with open arms – Londoners see it as meeting a real need, hitting the zeitgeist and ‘the next big thing’ in the leisure market.’

After finishing its residency at Netil House on the 18th August, the bar is set to move to a permanent location within Goldfinger Factory on 8th September, a new furniture upcycling social enterprise in Trellick Tower on Golborne Road. You’ll also find the Redemption team at Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday 25th August, giving revellers the chance to sample delicious mocktails and raw food with a Caribbean twist, as well as serving shots of pure O2 from its pop-up oxygen bar.

The Redemption kitchen is headed up by Jayne Totty, a nutritional therapist who specialises in creating raw food recipes that lock in the ingredient’s nutrients and enzymes. Jayne has devised a unique menu featuring wholesome food that is as good for your body as it is for your soul. The kitchen team ensure no animals have been harmed or killed to create their dishes and that produce is sourced locally and, where possible, organically, as well as upholding a zero-waste policy.

What’s more, a community kitchen will teach local people how to create delicious dishes from food that would otherwise go to waste, and employment opportunities will be offered to people who really need them. Redemption will also support charities who are working with people who are dealing with addiction.

One of the best things about Redemption Bar (aside from the fantastic food and drink, of course) is that it isn’t preachy about living healthily; it is simply offering an alternative place for people to socialise and have a good (and alcohol-free) time. If you need to redeem yourself after one to many boozy nights out (don’t we all?) then head to Redemption for some chilled tunes, classy mocktails and good grub.

To find out more, visit the website, or follow them on Twitter @redemptionbar or Facebook

Michelle Grady

Michelle Grady

Michelle is an ex-Fed Up & Drunker who has now been released into the wild.

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