Arts development organisation Artillery, based in Walthamstow, has announced the launch of an exciting new food and arts festival called Appetite, which will run throughout the month of June. Organisers hope to give food makers and food related artists a spectacular new platform for showcasing their culinary creations.

The festival will see a month-long celebration of food and art, and related events. These include a gourmet food fair, a Tudor feast at Waltham Forest’s ancient house, food trails with free tasters, guided food walks, pop-up events and 10 different supper events, as well as an edible art installation, exhibitions and workshops, a local ale festival, fairy tale tea parties and community food events. Cuisines will include Palestinian, Pakistani, Goan, Hungarian, South American, Chinese, Italian, vegan and dishes created from locally supplied produce.

Another particularly interesting event planned is the ‘sensorium’ – a scented talk about edible fragrances with a guest lecture by candlelight, and sounds from ‘other times’ drifting through the air.

“Food and art are inextricably linked”, says festival co-ordinator Laura Kerry. “So, as soon as we realised that so many professional chefs, artisan food makers and supper club organisers that were also artists, were right on our doorstep, we felt we had to showcase them. The response from our local producers and makers has been better than we could have imagined”, she said. “Not only are they able to showcase their diverse range of foods but in some cases the event is providing their first tentative steps into turning their passions into a real business.”

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