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Judging the Chocolate Awards must be up there as one of the best possible jobs to have – I certainly wouldn’t say no if the Academy of Chocolate required my services. The academy is dedicated to appreciating fine chocolate, recognising the delicate process required to make ‘proper’ chocolate from bean to bar, and consequently bringing public attention to higher quality chocolate.

An important part of their calendar is the Chocolate Awards, and this year the tasters tried around 580 products to decide the winners from around 80 producers of the delicious stuff. There are 15 categories and the judges spent an intensive 25 days tasting their way through truffles, hot chocolates, and filled and flavoured bars (although all the chocolate must be naturally flavoured with no artificial ingredients) to find the best. Amongst those casting their votes were chocolate experts and buyers, such as Jennifer Earle; pastry chef Claire Clark MBE, as well as food professionals and food journalists including Bill Buckley. This year also saw an increase in non-UK entrants; great world-wide recognition for the awards.

The 2013 winners were announced at a ceremony held in Fortnum and Mason, London. Below you’ll find some of the gold winners and (most importantly) where you can purchase their wares for your own delectation.



Filled Chocolates and Truffles

Best Packaging

Best Drinking Chocolate

Best Newcomer

For the full list of awards and categories, visit the Academy of Chocolate awards website.

Bar au Chocolat
Red Star
William Curley
Paul A Young
Cacao Atlanta
Betty’s and Taylor’s
Boutique Aromatique

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