If you ever teased a lab geek at school, I hope you’re thoroughly ashamed of yourself, because without those clever kids, we’d never be looking at the prospect of a more healthy chocolate. Oh yes, scientists have found a way to slash the fat in chocolate, and not at the expense of taste and texture, either. It involves the use of the gelling agent agar, which apparently creates tiny sponge-like structures which displace the fat in the chocolate. The most interesting thing about all this is that they’ve decided the magical ingredient is alcohol.

They’ve had a fiddle with fruit juices (this version of the chocolate went down very well) and tried using water too. Both worked well, but weren’t half as newsworthy…

So here’s the science bit: the new ingredients create an emulsion – a mixture of molecules that don’t mix, like oil and water. It’s the same kind of emulsion found in regular chocolate, which gives it the same smooth texture. This is normally created by fat molecules suspended within the regular chocolate mixture – and finding substitutes with the same properties is pretty tricky. But now (we say, tentatively) it seems like we might be able to look forward to some pretty much guilt-free scoffing in future – huzzah!

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  1. Avatar Lou says:

    Amazing news! Don’t really get why it took them so long!?

  2. Avatar Billie Aitken says:

    You bring me so much joy, sweet like vodka (great song)

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