Stand up and unite, for the kitchens of Britain…

On 17th May, homes, schools and communities across the globe will be taking part in Food Revolution Day – a day all about standing up for good food and essential cooking skills. In a world of convenience food, it’s vital we don’t lose these basic yet all-important skills, especially when the time comes to pass them onto the next generation. Once upon a time, it was a given that your mum or grandma would teach you to cook, but now it seems our busy lifestyles mean this valuable gift is being lost.

The day aims to raise awareness about the need for good, nutritious food really, and to ensure better food education for youngsters. Last year the worldwide event saw 1,000 events take place in 664 cities and 62 counties. Pretty impressive for a first attempt. This year looks set to be even bigger, as the word spreads between schools, workplaces and community centres.

It’s also an opportunity to get communities together, working towards a common goal, so there’s every reason to take part. It’s about eating fresh local produce, sharing cooking skills and knowledge, and getting as many people involved as possible.

Hold your event in your community centre, on your village green, in your local restaurant, front room, garden or classroom. The campaign hopes to spark thoughts about real food and a healthier lifestyle.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Jamie Oliver is spearheading the event – which forms part of his ongoing campaign for a healthier Britain. Visit the website for a chance to cook with Jamie, as well as official recipes, free resources, videos and ideas for Food Revolution Day activities – such as cooking masterclasses. There you’ll also find recipes submitted by enthusiastic revolutionaries around the world – why not submit yours?

100% of the money raised will go (after deduction of third party transaction charges) toward cooking programmes run to help give adults and children cooking skills for life. Jamie Oliver, his partners and charities, believe kitchen skills are one of the most valuable things you can ever learn. And food education is a vital part of preventing some of the problems we’re seeing in society today.

Last year, funds went directly to educational projects in the UK, US and Australia. 1,000 British students are now taking part in the Food Education Box programme launched with Abel & Cole, while in Australia, money raised helped expand Jamie’s Ministry of Food, and in America, it allowed 9,000 children to take part in the Learn Your Fruits & Vegetables programme.

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