Next month, chef Simon Rimmer, perhaps best known as one half of the peppy Sunday Brunch duo, is to launch a new range of bottled beers to accompany some of the nation’s favourite meals.

Chef Rimmer has teamed up with Robinsons, who are probably best known for their robust ‘Old Tom’ ale, voted ‘World’s Best Beer’ by the international Beers of the World magazine. A Beer to go with Chicken, A Beer to go with Steak, and A Beer to go with Curry may sound simplistic, but these beers have been carefully produced by Simon to enjoy with these specific meals.

The light, golden lager that has been prepared to accompany your best roast fowl will highlight delicate flavours you may never have experienced before, while your selected cut of red meat will be perfectly complemented by the depth of the second, rich, ruby-red beer. The third brew cuts through the chilli heat of your curry with a cooling mix of perfectly brewed hops, and is fine evidence of the professional partnership between experts who know exactly what they’re doing. On the collaboration, Rimmer commented that Robinsons’ ‘passion for beer and food innovation’ made them ‘the ideal partner’ – along with 175 years of brewing experience, of course.

Rimmer continues by saying that these beers complement and bring out ‘the very best flavours in our food, as the world’s best wines do.’ And, in the down-to-earth fashion that has seen his restaurants and cookbooks become so popular and successful, he says: ‘every bloke wants to create his own perfect pint… I’m the luckiest bloke in the world because I get to create three’.

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    Love Simon Rimmer, but is that floating head really the actual label?!x

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