Dry those tears and grab a fork, because the answer to all your winter woes lies within these cure-all comfort dishes…

Perhaps it’s the cold, wet, dark goings-on outside my window; maybe it’s the colossal bill I recently received from my car mechanic; or it might be down to the fact I stepped in a leaky-shower puddle while brushing my teeth this morning and can still feel the wet patch in my shoe – there’s nothing like a soggy sock to dampen the spirits. Whatever it is, I am in serious need of some comfort food today.

As much as we love eating out and sampling the best gourmet treats, sometimes we get the urge to dig into some old-school guilty pleasures – the kinds of culinary comforts you need after flushing your beloved (dead) goldfish down the loo…

Potato Smiles
Such happy little guys – they can even manage a smile when they’re moments away from being burnt alive, smothered in ketchup and devoured by merciless giants. We could all learn a thing or two from these optimistic souls who shall forever grin in the face of adversity.

Cottage Pie
Meat, veg, potato and gravy – a good, heart-warming start. What’s more, the cottage pie combines all of this in one so you only really need one hand to eat it. This means the other can be kept free for drying tears and blowing noses (or holding the phone while you cry down it to your mum, or scratching out faces in photographs, or flicking through the tracks on your ‘100 Best Heart-Break Songs’ CD…)

Fish and Chips
Ah. Who needs films and books when you have this form of escapism? A good old bag of fish and chips can take you right back to sunny, seaside days and the Friday-night takeaways of happier times… Plus, there’s that smell. It’s the smell of reassurance – promising that everything is going to be alright. Show me someone who can resist that smell and I’ll show you someone who’s never cried a tear in their life.

Leek and Potato Soup (homemade by mum, obviously)
A hug in a bowl, really. Not only is it delicious, warming and satisfyingly chunky (chewing is essential with comfort foods), but because it’s rather healthy, you can smother it in grated cheese and eat a whole buttered French stick with it and not feel guilty. I think that’s what they call win-win.

No matter what your complaint, cake can cure you. Whether it’s a cold, sore throat, unfavourable bank statement or rotten boyfriend, cake holds the remedy within its delicious sponginess. Consequently, much of the cake that I eat is purely for medicinal purposes – a lot of the time I don’t even really want it (blatant lie). There’s just something about cake. I would try to explain but in all honesty, I don’t want to ruin the magic.

As above. This applies to every last one of its many consoling, reassuring forms. Apart from dark chocolate – dark times are no place for dark chocolate.

Toad in the Hole
Just look at that toad (sausage), all comfy and cosy snuggled up in its sweet little hole (Yorkshire pudding), resting contentedly on a soft, fluffy bed (mashed potato). If that’s not comforting I don’t know what is; part of me just wants to hop in there with it. But most of me just wants to eat it.

No, it’s not a food, but I feel its presence here is more than justified. End of.

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  1. Avatar Ivana says:

    I would add crisps and dips to the list. Oh, and heinz tomato soup too with lots of French bread thick with butter

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