Beloved bread buff sure to set hearts a-racing with solo TV series…

I have to admit that when ‘heart-throb’ John Whaite won series three of The Great British Bake Off, my hot-blooded 27-year-old self had little desire to see the pictures plastered over the internet of his topless torso – I was too busy Googling Paul Hollywood.

And it’s not just me who has been mesmerised by those twinkling blue eyes. Using the unlikely vehicle of a baking programme, the Beeb has not only turned this bread-making wizard into a big television success, but also a British dreamboat, causing women all around the UK to swoon. What is it about Paul Hollywood that has catapulted him to silver-fox-fame and made him a hot topic at every coffee morning meeting? Could it be his quiet confidence and talent in the kitchen? Perhaps it’s his cheeky school boy side? We all read the story of Paul taking Mary Berry (or Bezza, as he affectionately calls her) to McDonald’s! Either way, I think sometimes it’s best not to question these things. Why shouldn’t a man who managed to woo his wife with a croissant, have the potential to woo a whole nation?

However, the only bit of crumpet on Paul’s radar this year is the kind he’ll be showing us how to bake. That’s right ladies, Paul Hollywood is launching a new solo series in February, focusing on his one true love: bread. In fact, it’s bread and more – a variety of baked goods will be flying through the silver-fox’s fingertips. The show will be going hand-in-hand with Paul’s newest book, ‘Bread’, where each recipe includes a way to make a full meal out of your handmade creations. I’d like to say I’m most looking forward to seeing the white chocolate and raspberry bread (how mouth-watering does that sound), but in truth I’m just counting down the days until Paul is back on our screens.

I’ve already got the oven pre-heated.

Emma Cullen

Emma is an ex-Fed Up & Drunker that has been released into the wild

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