Don’t write the poor bird off after Christmas lunch – it’s waited all year for this…

So, the big day has been and gone and everyone has eaten themselves into merry oblivion, but somehow we still seem to be left with half a roast bird taking up valuable fridge space. Every year the same thing happens, but by the following Christmas we seem to have developed festive amnesia (kind of like how pregnant women miraculously manage to forget the sheer, blinding pain of childbirth for next time), and end up with exactly the same amount of waste all over again.

However, there’s no need to dismiss your discarded turkey as nothing but a dry, limp sandwich filler – this year it’s destined for greater things. We need to start thinking beyond that unimaginative, grudgingly-guzzled post-Christmas snack lurking in many a late-December lunchbox – this poultry has potential.

There are loads of ways to transform those all-too-often misused morsels into something considerably tastier; minimal effort required (we’ve all had quite enough kitchen action by Boxing Day, haven’t we?). Try adding bacon and leeks to your turkey meat to form a cracking filling for a family pie, or mix with sliced peppers and red onion in a spicy seasoning for festive fajitas. Use up that leftover tub of cream that’s still in the fridge as well, in a turkey and veg quiche (killing two birds and all that, if you’ll excuse the pun). Or if you really do want a sandwich, try toasting Panini with Brie and cranberry to accompany the meat.

Eventually, after some more resourceful meals, your bird should be reduced to a mere stack of bones. We’re not done yet though – boil those bad boys up to make a top turkey stock – only then has your Christmas turkey fulfilled its fate.

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